Don’t Make These First Time Boat Buying Mistakes!

Sell Your Boat onlineBuying a boat is a big time investment.  Perhaps considered by most people a bad investment. Nevertheless, if you decide to make the plunge into boatdom (boat doom) then here is some advice.

Nothing has that appeal of being able to climb aboard your very own boat and drive to new places each weekend. Perhaps you want to find a new fishing spot, cruise to a new restaurant, or have fun tubing on the open seas. Before you put on your captain’s hat, make sure you are aware of these common first time boat buying mistakes from our friends at –  Check them out when you get ready to buy or sell your boat.

1. Buying Too Big a Boat
The appeal of boating was too much, so you went big imagining all the fun you and your friends would have each weekend. Two months later you are all alone on the boat with your huge monthly payment wondering why you have so much boat that you don’t need. The first time boat buyer should always go small. If you love boating next year, sell and jump up to a bigger boat.

2. Forgetting Those Other Expenses
Most first time boat buyers are familiar with their insurance and boat payments, but forget to take the time to analyze what other costs are going to soon be mounting. In no time at all you will feel like you are already underwater when you need to start setting aside money for repairs, maintenance, storage, towing, registration, license, insurance, fuel, oil, safety equipment, gear, and dock fees.

3. Skipping the Safety Lecture
Skipping out on safety courses is not like skipping out on a class in high school. If you are not aggressively taking the time to learn about boat safety today, then when things go bad on the water you will never be prepared to weather the storm. Things will go wrong on the water in the blink of an eye, from a fast moving storm, rogue waves, to obstructions under the water that damage the boats hull.

4. Losing Interest Fast
Don’t buy a boat on a whim because that is what you feel excited about this month. Go to a fee boat shows first and hang out with friends on their boats or on a rental. Make sure this is the lifestyle you enjoy because it will be too costly to just get bored with next month. If you hang around boaters and really love the life, then go for it and buy that boat.

Making a mistake in boating will not only set you back thousands of dollars, someone can get hurt. Boating can and will be fun and exciting for you and your friends if you take the time in advance to do the little things many folks are not willing to do.

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Successful Tips on How to Get a Real Estate Buyers Rebate

Rebates on Real EstateOne reason more buyers are lining up to purchase new homes this year is because they have the opportunity to get cash back from the real estate agent in the way of buyers rebates. The real estate agents will offer buyers rebates in certain conditions, and in many cases you need to discuss this first with an agent before assuming you are entitled to the cash.  New firms are starting up that concentrate on finding local realtors that are willing and ready to offer real estate rebates.  One new website is doing just that:  Feel free to visit them for more information on how to get a commission rebate.

Here are some successful tips on how to get a real estate buyers rebate.


1. Asking for the Buyers Rebate
It might seem obvious, but one of the easiest ways to secure the buyers rebate is to simply ask the real estate agent for one. Although the real estate agent is making a nice commission on the sale of the house, they are not going to simply part with several thousands dollars of their money if they do not have to. If you are simply willing to pay top dollar for any house, then this type rebate might not interest you. Those who are watching every penny however can make out quite well asking for a rebate with the purchase of the home.

2. Having Your Ducks in a Row
Another way to secure the buyers rebate with your real estate agent is to make the buying process as easy as possible on everyone. Before you even go house shopping, taking the time to meet with a lender, securing a buyers qualification letter can go a long way. This letter assures the homeowner and the real estate agent that the buyer is already qualified for a mortgage that can pay for the house in question. That letter can put the sale of the house on the fast-track, and by needing less of the realtors time, they could reward you with a share of their commission in the way of the buyers rebate.

3. Serious Buying Inquiries
Many buyers and sellers are already aware of the negotiation process when it comes to the price of a home. Rather than haggling over money and risking another buyer coming it at the right price, you can offer the right asking price but see if the realtor is willing to kick in a buyers rebate instead. If the house price is lowered, the realtor commission is lowered. By offering the seller the price they want, the sale goes through faster and everyone is happy.

These tips on how to get a real estate buyers rebate will put you in the best position to get back thousands of dollars when you buy a home.


Be Diligent When Acquiring a New Mortgage and Dealing with Loans

Charleston Real estateYou scour the market for the ideal home, you ought to be just as diligent when searching for the right mortgage. Most people will require a mortgage to first purchase a home. That means you need to shop for your dream house first, then you need to search for an affordable home loan. Recent studies have shown that almost 51% of borrowers didn’t search before settling on the first mortgage they chose. Don’t just choose the first mortgage you find. You have the ability to save lots of cash per month if you do just a small amount of research. Here is some advice from our friends at Premier One, visit them when looking for Charleston SC real estate for sale.

Shopping for the Right Mortgage Broker
You should searching for a mortgage professional long before searching for that house. You must make certain your credit is within order because mistakes will take several months to rectify. You want to know how much of a house you can afford too. Run calculations online using mortgage calculators, but a professional mortgage broker will better enable you to discover which mortgage loan is the best fit for your individual circumstances.

Rates Change Frequently
Finding the best deal on the a new mortgage is a challenge because rates and rates will fluctuate daily, sometimes several different times a day. You can get a mortgage loan with as little as 3% or nothing down if you’re a US veteran. Should you put less than 20% towards the mortgage loan, you’ll need PMI (personal mortgage insurance), which can increase your mortgage loan a few hundred dollars. Depending on the size of the house, the larger the loan, the larger the PMI insurance to protect that investment.

Talking to Those Referrals
To find a mortgage loan professional, start by simply asking all of your friends, past and present co-workers, all your relatives and your real estate agent too. You might additionally ask your accountant as well as local financial advisers. Hit the internet and locate a few mortgage lenders and pay close attention to their social activities. Not only can you learn a thing or two about the current rates and packages available, you can see how they interact with current and past customers and make a more informed decision as to if you want to deal with this organization

Interview each person who might handle your mortgage, the mortgage broker, bank employees or loan officers. Ask about their experience and the financial requirements of the loan. Are they licensed, do they belong to the National Association of Mortgage Professionals, and how long have they been in business?

Commercial Leases 101, how to Understand Them

Fact or Myth

Depending on the type of business you are in, your lease may be one of the most expensive things that you business needs. It’s often a make or break decision to the success of your company. Many company owners decide to enter into or renew their leases without adequate information to make the best selections or to let new space or to optimize and negotiating based on a lack of knowledge and let the landlord influence them into costly mistakes.

A company’s business location can be its single best advantage beyond the way it can deliver services and goods to it’s clients. A lot of company owners are not patient, choosing the place with drawbacks and limits only to result in failure of the business altogether.

If you’ve heard the saying “if you need a sign to get people to your business then put your business where your sign is at”. Retailers desire and need signage, visibility, powerful traffic counts and a place where customers desire to go. Offices need buildings contributory for their operations, furthermore the locations mus suitable to both workers and customers. A seasoned commercial agent can be helpful in choosing sites, as can members of franchisors or trade associations familiar with you business type.

A tenant who leases on a “gross basis” that is, pays a monthly all inclusive price. Prices are called “added rent.” Some leases join the net and gross theories to supply for gross rent plus ” in, “escalations and the renter pays just the yearly increases in CAM, insurance and taxes. When it is not metered individually for each renter some gross income leases also include one more cost per square foot for electricity.

“It’s vital for a company owner to get great guidance from other professional, contractor or an architect to make certain the buildout will satisfy all needs. Clear examples include the needs of information technology outfits, dentists and vibration -inclined dance studios.”

Whether a renter pays net, gross or a mix, prices should be understood. For buildings with added rent, the landlord should provide the previous two years’ prices and present for evaluation before lease provisions are negotiated. A skilled lawyer should review the manner added rent is computed — it’s often appropriate to limit or exclude specific kinds of costs. Landlords often request for the moon — expecting an attorney doesn’t review the conditions.

It’s also not unusual for a renter to receive some free rent at the start of the period, along with an allowance for the buildout.

Almost all space must be customized for the renter. This holds true even if a similar company formerly used the space.

It is crucial for a company owner to get great guidance from other professional, contractor or an architect to make certain the buildout will satisfy all needs.

Typically, the the complete image is looked at by the landlord and may trade lease for buildout. By way of example, a tenant that will purchase upfront work will normally pay a lower rent. This may prevent renter’s contractors or a delay and friction between the landlord’s by the renter’s contractor before the company opens requiring complete payment.

An average lease period is for 10 or five years, although no period matches all scenarios. This, needless to say, can spell ruination if the company fails before the lease runs out and most business leases require a personal guarantee furthering the risk to you if you fail.

There are compromise alternatives.

The renter probably must give the landlord written notice to go — typically six to 12 months. Some landlords offer a substitute for renew to be negotiated. But if tenant and the landlord don’t reach agreement, the renter may be stuck having an un-affordable rent or lose the choice.

These provisions negotiated and should be reviewed by a lawyer to make sure they have been not unfair to the business proprietor.

Eateries are especially looking for a sufficiently long lease period with options to renew. The skill to sell a restaurant for a cost that is good usually depends upon the remaining lease period. Unlike other companies, which may go down the road when alternate space becomes available, most eateries lack such flexibility. Zoning laws restrict places due to spirits license rules and parking demands.

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