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Welcome to our new blog,  stay tuned for some exciting and beneficial content.

Are you interested in becoming a guest blogger on Sweet Hope?

Are you a professional, teacher or an experienced student who can write?

Then contemplate becoming a guest blogger!

Guest blog posts that are successful are not complete, general, and have style. They equip them (the reader) to succeed at it, and get our readers excited about language learning.

The best way to Submit Your Guest Post:

Please e-mail your finished post to us at: [email protected] with a subject line which includes the words the title of your post and “Guest Post”.

Because of the volume we cannot react to all entries. If your post meets with editorial standards and aligns we are going to react to allow you to understand your post will be printed. That procedure may take up to 2 weeks.

Guest Blogging Conditions for Sweet Hope:

We have style, and ’re looking for original posts which can be complete, unique. Generic, slow, or unoriginal posts that do not offer unique advice can be provided but is not going to get printed or posted on Sweet Hope.
There isn’t any maximum word count, although the minimal word count is 400 words. More is better but quality is king!
Posts should represent the writing style/tone of the Sweet-hope,net website. We aim for entertaining and casual, but sensible. Save self promotion for the author bio PLEASE.
Please submit your post in a Word doc with any image files (including attribution) attached individually.  Please correctly credit information, quotes, and other third party content referenced in this article.

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