Successful Tips on How to Get a Real Estate Buyers Rebate

Rebates on Real EstateOne reason more buyers are lining up to purchase new homes this year is because they have the opportunity to get cash back from the real estate agent in the way of buyers rebates. The real estate agents will offer buyers rebates in certain conditions, and in many cases you need to discuss this first with an agent before assuming you are entitled to the cash.  New firms are starting up that concentrate on finding local realtors that are willing and ready to offer real estate rebates.  One new website is doing just that:  Feel free to visit them for more information on how to get a commission rebate.

Here are some successful tips on how to get a real estate buyers rebate.


1. Asking for the Buyers Rebate
It might seem obvious, but one of the easiest ways to secure the buyers rebate is to simply ask the real estate agent for one. Although the real estate agent is making a nice commission on the sale of the house, they are not going to simply part with several thousands dollars of their money if they do not have to. If you are simply willing to pay top dollar for any house, then this type rebate might not interest you. Those who are watching every penny however can make out quite well asking for a rebate with the purchase of the home.

2. Having Your Ducks in a Row
Another way to secure the buyers rebate with your real estate agent is to make the buying process as easy as possible on everyone. Before you even go house shopping, taking the time to meet with a lender, securing a buyers qualification letter can go a long way. This letter assures the homeowner and the real estate agent that the buyer is already qualified for a mortgage that can pay for the house in question. That letter can put the sale of the house on the fast-track, and by needing less of the realtors time, they could reward you with a share of their commission in the way of the buyers rebate.

3. Serious Buying Inquiries
Many buyers and sellers are already aware of the negotiation process when it comes to the price of a home. Rather than haggling over money and risking another buyer coming it at the right price, you can offer the right asking price but see if the realtor is willing to kick in a buyers rebate instead. If the house price is lowered, the realtor commission is lowered. By offering the seller the price they want, the sale goes through faster and everyone is happy.

These tips on how to get a real estate buyers rebate will put you in the best position to get back thousands of dollars when you buy a home.